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3 definitions by adam aka psi

A boss who sports a large salary and wears fancy clothing but doesn't actually do any work.
The Mucky Muck showed his face at the meeting until his secretary bailed him out with an "urgent phone call".
by adam aka psi February 18, 2004
to escape; to run away; to flee; to leave
Girl: Are you staying for the party?
Guy: Nah, I have to skdaddle.

Boy 1: Where did Mary go?
Boy 2: She skdaddled about a half hour ago.
by adam aka psi March 06, 2003
to release a large amount of energy pent up from a frustrating work week.
Man, this week has been hell. When Friday comes I'm going to fuckplode with joy.
by adam aka psi February 20, 2005