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a muslim
he dont eat pork. he's a muzzie.
by Action Squirrel April 04, 2003
an imaginary elf that lives in your toilet. when you are constipated, he pulls the poop out of you by chanting mystical spells.
man i thought i would never go. thank you shit elf!
by Action Squirrel April 04, 2003
here, in this vicinity, at this present location
Girls look like a bunch of sea monkeys up in here.
by Action Squirrel April 04, 2003
An oxymoronic depiction of seven young adults who are paid to live together and squabble over rediculous subjects. These seven people in no way represent a typical cross-section of their peers.
There is absolutely nothing real about the real world. Wanna see the real world? Try watching a guy work his way through college by surviving off of 25 cent ramen noodles. That's the real world beeyaitch!
by Action Squirrel July 09, 2003
fabric softener sheets stuffed into a cardboard tube (usually a toilet paper roll). Used as a means to filter marijuana smoke from the air. The smokers exhale into it, causing a fresh smell to eminate out the other end.
Dude, my parents are home. Use the oob so they dont suspect nothin.
by Action Squirrel April 04, 2003
pertaining to a teenage girl's fascination with kittens, rainbows, and fluffy things, even though she is of "fuckable" age
OMG! Mary Kate and Ashley are almost 18! They come off like they are all punky brewster, but I bet they already been deflowered.
by Action Squirrel April 04, 2003
a particularly rough turd. one that causes pain to the anal region, causing pain and often some bleeding.
I shouldnt have eaten that popcorn last night. I laid a serious ass rasp this morning. Now my ass is toe up.
by Action Squirrel April 04, 2003
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