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a person who is addicted to facebook and has intense urges to update their status,post notes,and to send you 'pieces of flair' every chance they get. They define their social value by how many responses and or 'pieces of fucking flair' they receive back.

Zack is such a Facebook Fiend . He changes his stats every ten seconds!

Damn it Audrey, you sent me sixteen bumper stickers today alone! I don't even have that application!
by acowfrog December 08, 2008
Something or someone that is extremely hipster.
Your knowledge of indie music, vintage style and overuse of the word 'ethnocentric' is quite hipsterlicious.
by acowfrog September 12, 2011
something that is trippy and hippy like
Dude, that tie dye tshirt is so hippilicious! or
This weed is hippilicious!
by acowfrog November 21, 2007
of the 'bro' nature. Something that is overly obnoxious, related to fratboy parties or being a total tool. An example of total douchebaggery.
"Mike your seven flipped collars are a bit brolicious, now take six of those polo shirts off before I kick your ass!"
by Acowfrog June 15, 2009
generally small occurrences that exponentially improve a series of situations considered a 'cluster fuck'
Cassie: What a CLUSTER FUCK! Not only did my car break down but I just dropped my keys and they slid between the elevator shaft that is going to cost me 200 dollars! To make things worse, when my dad was researching repair methods for my car he downloaded a virus that fucked up my computer!
Zack: Its okay! The elevator people came out for free. I fixed your computer and your dad felt soo bad about fucking up your computer he put in new breaks and rotors! What a cluster fix!
by acowfrog April 15, 2009
fear of broccoli, carrots, lettuce, beets and all the other fucking vegetables in the world.
Sane: you don't have Lachanophobia Idiot don't be such a pussy.
by acowfrog July 20, 2009
A hoe with a gaping vagina large enough to yodel into and hear an echo.
How loose is her vagina?
Her vagina is soo loose you could yodel into it and hear an echo.
She's a yodelayheehoe!
by acowfrog January 20, 2014

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