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An erect penis. A plump pickle.
"Sally could tell I liked her cuz she snuck a quick peek at my perkin gerkin"
by ack February 09, 2005
This is when someone really messes up while doing somthing simple.
Wow! Willie really beefed that shot.
by Ack February 01, 2005
OH MAN,I'd hate to be his wet-nurse!
ewwwww..Yasser,no sir!
by Ack November 09, 2004
a chinese mexican, who migrated from africa to mexico and bred where they now dwell in the hills of southern ohio.
the chexicans were eating rice w/ there hot sauce.
by ACK May 05, 2004
Someone in the l337 world who knows what's up. This person can get you what you want, tell you what you need to know, and take you where you want to be - all with the click of a mouse or the tap of a keyboard.

Also someone who means business and is always serious.
Yo, check with Billy, he's h4rdc0r3 and can hook you up.


Man, don't fuck with Johnny, he's h4rdc0r3.
by ack October 05, 2004

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