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2 definitions by acevadercycle

This occurs right after you have to take a really bad shit and blow runs all over in the toilet only to look up to the realization that there is no toilet paper. Your anus is a mess of fecies and it needs wiping. You have no option but to take off one of your socks and use it to clean off your dirty bottom swiping the sock through your ass crack. The sock is unsually discarded like it were toilet paper and you may go on with your day hoping that noone notices that you are only wearing one sock.
Jacob: Holy shit did I punish that bowl, I dont know what I ate but damn... and its all over me too. Oh F*ck, there is no TP.
Person: Dude, you really shouldn't speak your thoughts out loud. Anyways, it looks like your going to have to swipe a sock... yeah, it is just what it sounds like. You whipe your ass with one of your socks. Good luck buddy.
by acevadercycle September 23, 2007
A term used for martial artists where a heel like growth of skin takes form on the bottom side of the hand from breaking bricks and generally hitting way to much shit to often.
Carl: that dude just fricking broke 8 patio bricks to win the tournament.
Lenny: Yeah... thats amazing! He must have some mad foothand going on.
by acevadercycle September 18, 2007