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To be tight in the facial features. Usually having very defined cheekbones, and taught facial skin.
Those tight-faced bitches be thirsty.
by academyresearcher July 19, 2013
An act of eroticism or love where one partner regurgitates recently-ingested food directly into the mouth of the other partner. Meant to be a sign or symbol of extreme affection. The practice is derived from the nurturing of a mother bird for her hatchlings, where she chews up her food and spits it directly into the mouth of her babies to nourish them while they are still unable to feed themselves.
Friend: "Last night after dinner, my girlfriend and I did birdie style."
Me: "You must really love each other."
by academyresearcher December 10, 2013
Sexy underwear for men that only covers the penis well and leaves the thighs and buttocks exposed.
Myra and I went to a male stripper party and all the entertainers were wearing ding ding slings under their chaps.
by academyresearcher September 30, 2015
The study of fictitious words.
She told me that she wished this weekend was "funner," and I told her that she should take a course on pseudonomics.
by academyresearcher September 02, 2014

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