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Every year there is a secretive meeting held that is attended by some of the worlds wealthiest and most powerful individuals. The majority of the attendees are billionaires, and they control the world's most powerful financial establishments and businesses. Participants of this meeting include kings, queens, princes, chancellors, prime ministers, ambassadors, presidents of nations, presidents of the most wealthy banks in the world, the CEO of the Dow Jones stock market, the CEOs of major gas companies, past US Presidents, high ranking government officials, highly influential and select media representatives, and other absurdly rich people of power. Although this attendance list consists of the immensely powerful elite who affect the majority of world events, it is never covered by the mainstream media and the secrecy of what is discussed is kept highly guarded. a
There are usually 115 participants in each annual meeting. Eighty are from Western Europe and the remainder from North America. From this mixture, one-third are from government and politics, and the remaining two-thirds from industry, finance, education and communications. The meeting was named after the hotel that the first meeting was held at in 1954. Anyone who is who tries to enter the meeting uninvited is instructed to be removed at all costs, and if resisting the individual is to be shot and killed where he stands. The purpose of this secretive annual meeting is to provide a forum where the worlds most powerful individual's can discuss and direct world events without anyone knowing what they are determining. If these elite world rulers had nothing to hide this meeting would at least be spoken about publicly.
Bilderberg group are the leaders of the world
by AC January 16, 2004
The ability to talk anyone into anything.
Damn, That nigga got the gift of gab cuz he can get out of anything
by AC January 31, 2004
Insult toward crip gangmembers; derives from Blood gangmemers
<BLOOD> Fuck Crabs

<CRIP> Fuck Slobs

*start shooting each other*
by AC December 23, 2003
1) An alternate way of spelling "You're" or "Your."

2) An alternate way of saying "Yes."
1) Yer the dumbest mofo out there.

2) Guy 1: You like pancakes?
Guy 2: Yer.
by AC January 15, 2006
slang name Atlanta
A-Town is the shit
by ac February 09, 2004
Basicly sex, but the 2 partners have an emotional connection (love) it's slow, and involves a lot of lovey dovey stuff such as kissing, feeling, whispering into each others ears etc.....
Dan and Jill made passionate love under the moon light.
by ac February 13, 2004
word used to describe something gross
GIRL # 1- EWWW, Spiders

by AC December 19, 2003

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