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What's up, in creol
Sak pasé to all my hationa homies!
by AC September 24, 2003
Slang Term for the New York neighborhood "Brooklyn"
Crooklyn's in the house!
by AC February 09, 2004
A baby from a crack fiend mother or father
You are a fucking crack baby
by ac February 13, 2004
A good fucking movie, features the beautiful Elisha Cuthbert. Very funny.
Check "The Girl Next Door", you will not be disappointed.
by AC March 20, 2005
A statement you say when you don't agree with someone; Syn Cracka Please
Yo Im a G

by ac February 13, 2004
1) (n) The lips of the vagina.

2) (n) Condom.

3) (n) Rolling papers
1) "She likes to bend over and then she spreads the skins" -- Brand Nubian (Slow down)

2) Ima buy some skins right quick
by ac January 31, 2004
A distinctive region covering a large portion of the United States. Due to the region's unique cultural and historic heritage, the South has developed its own customs, literature, musical styles (such as country music and jazz), and cuisine. Southern states include:

North Carolina
South Carolina

And Sometimes considered part of the south (depends on your sources:)

West Virginia

The south is way better than the north.
Shut the fuck up and recognize, the south is superior to you northern bitches. I know I'ma get a lot of thumbs down for this shit, but who gives a shit. Fuck all the stereotypes.
by AC October 22, 2005

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