6 definitions by aanniigg

a boyfriend of many many years who ends up cheating on you with a white trash slut whore thus becoming an ex-boyfriend and then gets her pregnant
" What ever happened between you and so and so? "

" Oh...you mean the slut whore fucker? "
by aanniigg January 04, 2010
the most awesome cat ever!
" hows your cat doing? "
" oh...you mean tiggbrother?"
by aanniigg August 02, 2010
staring problem
dude...that chick wont stop staring at me! She must have paranoid glaucoma.
by aanniigg October 13, 2010
one who hangs out in bars because she cant find a corral..someone in need of a saddle
" lets go to the pub and see if we cant find us a bar donkey to ride"
by aanniigg August 02, 2010
cherry eater; the swifter upper for the down lipper
" Her dirty diaper called for a reinforced piper hymen wiper. "
by aanniigg November 10, 2011
holds higher ranking than those of the mile high club, earning them cherry-edible rights
" For the Harvest Queen contest, she won the miss hymen-trophy. "
by aanniigg November 10, 2011

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