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someone whose life revolves around drama. they often pull you into their drama and guilt trip you into being their friend and putting up with them. dealing with them is often emotionally draining
Jessie is such an emotional vampire that I feel drained after dealing with her.
by aaddicted May 21, 2009
usually referred to as the acronym JMN, its when you and another person think or say the same thing at the same time. Its like the person is reading your thoughts.
L: Whoa, I just went on the board today and its like a ghost town!

T: JMN (Jedi Mind Ninja), I thought the exact same thing when I saw that!
by aaddicted May 21, 2009
stands for cave man bubbles word salad. a jumble of incoherent words that make the person sound like they're talking like 1) a cave man 2) in bubbles 3) in word salad (which is just a bunch of mixed up words not making sense)
RM: 'yeah...she went, mmm, okay, that today, or yesterday, so annoying. you and me go later.'

L: 'whoa...you should get some sleep, you're not making any sense. You're talking in CMBWS'
by aaddicted May 21, 2009

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