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A pontoon boat full of hot chicks and a badass captain named Allen. Activities on the poontoon are similar to Mardi Gras including general drunkeness and bead giving for boobie flashes. The poontoon can usually be found anchored at a sandbar in southern Michigan lakes, just look for the party, hot chicks, and a badass captain.
"Damn! Captain Allen has a pontoon boat full of hot chicks partying again, that thing is a fucking POONTOON!!"
by AA01 February 18, 2012
A Man Paw is an open hand slap using the palm of the hand closest to the wrist, the Man Paw slap method is used in place of the bitch slap when maximum damage is desired but a punch is not appropriate. A good Man Paw to someones face can often lead to black eyes, cuts, and a loss of consciousness if applied correctly. Personally I apply the Man Paw method when I think a man is a bitch and deserves to be humiliated with an open hand instead of giving them any entitlement to the closed fist punch, it could also be applied when dealing with an unruly, unreasonable, or overly feisty women haha, MAN PAW!!
I fucked that douchbag up at the bar with a Man Paw last night, what a bitch.

Woman you better watch your mouth or your gonna get a ManPaw!
by aa01 May 15, 2010
When Allen gets drunk and pounds the shit out of some chick so when she wakes up she feels like she's been in a car wreck. Allen is a badass mo fo and will wreck pound you if he gets the chance when he's drunk, it's a pounding you will never forget because you may need medical treatment.
Damn, that chick looks like she got Wreck Pounded last night!!!
by aa01 May 31, 2012
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