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pontoon boat full of females and a solitary male. or sometimes all females
1- A nerdy guy with $$ has a pontoon boatfull of women in the odd chance of getting lucky. They; all friends are just taking advantage of a day on the lake. it is a ''poontoon''
2- A really old guy with wife, sisters, daughters, grand kids, spinster aunts, and even sometimes great grandkids. aboard the pontoon. Seems female genes were dominant. 30 foot luxury ''poontoon''
3-All babes, hot or not. Ultimate ''poontoon''
by Tom U Kno Who September 13, 2009
A pontoon boat full of hot chicks and a badass captain named Allen. Activities on the poontoon are similar to Mardi Gras including general drunkeness and bead giving for boobie flashes. The poontoon can usually be found anchored at a sandbar in southern Michigan lakes, just look for the party, hot chicks, and a badass captain.
"Damn! Captain Allen has a pontoon boat full of hot chicks partying again, that thing is a fucking POONTOON!!"
by AA01 February 18, 2012
some one how is annoying and or could have been annoying is a poontoon
miley cyrus is a poontoon
by jam10101 November 11, 2013
always the password dawg
1: what's the pass?
2: Poontoon.
by in4m8ion May 29, 2008
another word for an awesome porno
My girlfriend hates when i watch them poontoons!
by DTWN March 26, 2008