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(verb)- to Shave someones back while having sexual intercourse with that being, weather alive or dead.
I totaly need to Italian Lawnmower Gina, she needs it.
by a_man_with_no_arms September 26, 2006
(verb)- when one takes a knife, and much like a regular donkey punch, starts hitting them, or in this case stabbing them in the neck and upper back durring sexual intercourse.
Dude, we were getting it on and all of the sudden I Russian Donkey Punched her.
by a_man_with_no_arms September 26, 2006
(verb)- To put an apple in the mouth, and pour milk in the vaginal area, before sexual intercourse, to loosen up and lubricate.
Baby im gonna give you the old irish lunchbox if you play your cards right.
by a_man_with_no_arms September 26, 2006
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