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1 definition by a_dope_chick

Kryston is a smart, funny, pretty, confident girl who always care about the ones she trusts. She has long hair that she takes pride in. She likes to crack jokes and talk on the phone. Sometimes if you come at her the wrong way, she will talk bad to you. Kryston's are usually people who give good advice and can hold a conversation. If you love a Kryston they will love you back. :) Kryston has her own style that nobody can touch. Her swagg is unreachable. Everybody loves Kryston!
1) Random Girl:"Look at Kryston, gosh, I love her!"
Kryston: "I love you too!"

2)" Kryston has too much swagg!"
by a_dope_chick November 08, 2011
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