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a word used to express the feeling that something is stupid or annoying; a sound of displeasure.
URGH! that girl is so freaking fashion challenged!
Barrett, quit bieng so URGH!!!
by a pizzle October 03, 2004
copying; using someone else's material.
ugh why are you always using my away messages, Barrett?! Quit stealing my flavor!!!
That girl is wearin the shirt I wore yesterday! Why is she always stealin my flavor?!
by a pizzle October 03, 2004
same thing as freakin, friggin, or fuckin, only way, way cooler.
My fargknockin mother won't let me go to the mall!!!
That fargknockin bitch just gave me I.S.S.!!!
by a pizzle October 03, 2004
a dance that consists of making a crook of your right arm and touching your forehead, sticking your left arm through (like a trunk, get it?) and swingin it around while gettin down! ;)
i.e.: the crunkest dance in the history of EVER!
kate: alex that is the gayest dance EVER!
alex: katie you are only jealous that YOU didn't think up the dance sensation that is ThE eLePHaNT!!
by a pizzle October 03, 2004

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