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a clever combination of "whore" and "moron." an ingenious girl attending clark came up with it.
you're a whoron.
by a May 23, 2004
Rhymes with moron; means a very stupid whore. a great insult for anyone.
You slept with how many guys without protection?, you whoron.
by speedradio July 30, 2010
One that has her legs spread, and when she talks it hurts your head.

moron + whore= whoron
ex. that crazy bitch danhell from the real housewives of new jersey gives out blowjobs like candy, and never makes any sense; what a fucking whoron.
by maggiethemachicat June 13, 2010
Whore + moron.
"Hey look, it's Snooki!, what a whoron."
by sinners-inc April 02, 2012
A girl who is a slut or whore like. someone you know you could screw but you are almost to embarrassed to because everyone knows that she is a retard!!

Also another word for Groupie. A girl whom is so shallow that she will sleep with anyone who has musical talent, and doesn't care about decency, and there is basically no depth to her shallowness.
- "Dang i could totally do Sharon!"
- "Yeah but why would you want to?? She's such a Whoron!"


- "Man after my show this girl came up to me and wanted to screw, but she was such a whoron that i would have felt nasty had i done it."
by Joe Crowell November 07, 2007
A combination of whore and moron.
Hey Jordan, you're such a whoron. You sleep with like 50 guys every week and you're so stupid.
by Ethan Collins August 31, 2008
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