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a perfect example of a certain quality. someone or something that "personifies" this said quality.
green day is the EPITOME of punk-rock music. especially tre cool, who is the EPITOME of sexiness.
by a TRUE green day fan November 25, 2004
a) a certain (ahem) president of ours

b) a really, really awesome green day album. best ever.
(all you nimrods who think it blows can just go fuck george w in the ass or do whatever it is you all normally do.)
right-wingers who can't let two guys or two girls get married
by a TRUE green day fan November 22, 2004
a) a time of year when you're supposed to sit back and reflect and give thanks and shit like that but actually everyone just gets drunk and eats a lot and spends lots of money because our society advocates wasting insane amounts of dough to "celebrate"

b) a really, really kick-ass song by green day. a dark political "anthem" that truly encompasses america's depressing military situation
a) oh no another holiday is coming up which means that i'm gonna have to go waste more money on crap-ass presents and make sure we have plenty of gramps's old hangover remedy

Can i get another amen
There's a flag wrapped around a score of men
A gag
A plastic bag on a monument
i beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies
this is the dawning of the rest of our lives
On holiday
by a TRUE green day fan November 27, 2004
a) a sign or signal designed to instill caution in its recipient

b) an amazing album by the oh-so-talented band green day. second only to their most recent album, american idiot.
a) warning: smoking during pregnancy may result in birth defects

b) i don't understand why the "emotional depth" and "pure talent" displayed in american idiot surprised everyone so much, because warning, their previous album, rocked and was definitely a sign of greater things to come.
by a TRUE green day fan November 25, 2004
a hilarious green day song about sado-masichism; one of their best songs ever.
i'm in distress
oh mistress i confess
so do it one more time
these handcuffs are too tight
you know i will obey
so please don't make me beg
for blood, sex and booze you give me
by a TRUE green day fan November 27, 2004
an amazing, insane drummer for green day. wears women's clothes a lot. is mad sexy and i would do anything to fuck him.
who the fuck is tre cool?
by a TRUE green day fan November 22, 2004
someone who is sooo attractive that the authoritative "damn" is needed before the lust-filled "sexy" in order for one to truly express one's feelings. a good example of DAMN sexiness would be green day, especially tre cool. who is just too sexy with his eyeliner and white shoes.
wow, tre cool is so DAMN SEXY he is just the epitome of sexiness
by a TRUE green day fan November 24, 2004

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