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FaceBook Friends After.

When you become friends on Facebook after you hook up, most likely after you have just met them resulting in a one night stand or lasting relationship.

This can also be used when hooking up with someone you didn't think was important/worth adding as a friend before the hook up.
Joan: Sarah just added George to Facebook?
Marla: Yeah they are totally FBFA...
Joan: Oh snap!

Josh: Why did you just add my brother to Facebook? Don't tell me you are FBFA!
by _that_slut March 22, 2009
A dance move done by having your legs shoulder width apart , hands infront of you palms down with elbows locked and then sticking out your booty. So named as it looks like a giraffe is giving birth.
After going to the zoo, at the concert later the only dance move I could do was the baby giraffe.
by _that_slut November 08, 2007

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