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small pills that come in many colours, which induce an all round good time, involving love, hope and joy best consumed when you have nothing on the next day as it tends to be non existent. after dropping a gorgeous pill give it half an hour, dont sit down and enjoy the ride. Is best enjoyed when in the company of your best mates, at a club with A dfloor where u can shuffle your ass off. AND later back at my place for some deep emotional loving conversation about nothing. and sex on nature strips.
Tahls Cat and Laura hit the globe and dropped that white dragon at 12.30 at one they were buzzing their asses off. the strobe made em wet, and they loved it. After close the girls took 6 random blokes back to tahlses place, and laura fucked that shaun guy on the nature strip, and then agian on the driveway, she never woulda done that shit had she been sober... fuck yeah!
that was some mad ecstasy...
#pills #love drug #melbourne shuffle #girls who conference #xtc
by _takeitall_ November 05, 2006
maddest area of the club, where u break it up and bring it down, back it on up and grind it hard... mm.
dancin on that dfloor was fucking mad... see that hot motherfucker back it up on it and grind it home babe
#techno #sex #man sluts #melbourne shuffle #ecstasy
by _takeitall_ November 05, 2006
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