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5 definitions by _NeMeSiS_

I very beasty 4cyl Turbo vechile created in the mid 1980s to mid 1990s from the Mazda B6T engine and onwards to the BPT found in the similar production, 323/Familia.

Made in FWD and 4WD models, the TX3 (and 323/Familia) were the "WRX" of their time, triumphing in various rally's and races.

It's sleek look and outrageous power provides an excellence in a sleeper category, leaving many other similar cars left behind.
Wayne Kerr was upset as he was beaten by that pimped TX3 Laser Turbo.
by _NeMeSiS_ August 30, 2005
Women who exceed the average body weight needed to use legs in walking.
Gallo, Gow Gare Gou, No Fat Chicks, kthnxbye.
by _NeMeSiS_ March 06, 2003
lover of all things skutz.
"all j00r skutz are belong to pudla:
by _NeMeSiS_ March 06, 2003
Magna Stop Sign.
watch out it just turned fuctarp!
by _NeMeSiS_ March 06, 2003
Gimme A Long Lucious Oral
gallo bitch. not fat chicks, kthnxbye.
by _NeMeSiS_ March 06, 2003