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1) private catholic college located in Reading, PA
2) there are more alcoholics than catholics on campus
He's an alcoholic...he must go to Alvernia.
by _ October 24, 2004
n. 1. THe supreme master of the fist. This lone warrior is a wanderer shrouded with evil intent. He seraches for challengeres with enoguh potential to kill.
Akuma is the killer of all.
by _ July 28, 2003
During the act of refactoring a software component to fuck something up.
This thing is fucked, thanks to Richo's refucktoring.
by _ March 16, 2005
A person that is a walking, talking, breathing pile of Shit and utters nothing but wack shit over and over again.
Fred was talking about some nerd gaming crap again while pretending to be Goth or whatever the fuck it's called. What a Shitbag.
by _ June 03, 2003
1st real Spam King (¥ king) of newgrounds, also one of the mainheads of the SC
Cryptick is the spam king!
by _ December 13, 2004
Destroying a computer program or component by altering its external behaviour while reorganising its internal structure.
Richo has been refucktoring again.
by _ March 16, 2005
1.a skinny wannabe singer from staten island who can't sing and has explict lyrics abusing the female gender
yo yo yo, i'm eamon and i think i'm black.
by _ January 03, 2005
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