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Kangeroo (Australian native animal)
Australian $1 coin (got roos on one face)
by Zyklon-B October 01, 2003
An Australian $2 Coin
has a abbo on one face
exchanging $5 for 2x$2 1x$1
gave him a piglet and he have me 2 boongs and a Roo
by Zyklon-B October 01, 2003
Spraying an aerosole (usually paint) into a bag, then inhailing the the gas in the bag.
by Zyklon-B October 01, 2003
A joke inj a book, movie or television series that is so obscure that only %1 of the audience will get it.
The Wish Upon a Weinstein episode of Family Guy is full of one percenter gags.
by Zyklon-B April 22, 2004
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