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4 definitions by Zturner68

A woman so old she should be extinct yet still out hunting meat.
That chick I banged last night was a complete sabertooth
by Zturner68 April 01, 2011
S'moregasm: verb: When reaching climax a man simultaneously shoots his nut and takes a shit.

Most often happens while getting a blumkin
Suzy was giving me a blumkin this morning and I had a s'moregasm
by Zturner68 June 16, 2011
It's like Tiger Blood. Only faster!
In order to out party Charlie Sheen you better have cheeta blood.
by Zturner68 June 20, 2011
Pre Cougar is a hot chick between 32 - 34 that dates younger men. A women working on here cougar game so she can hit the ground running when she hits cougar status

The minor league for upcoming cougar super stars
Guy 1: How old is that Brady McElaney chick.
Guy 2: Like 33
Guy 1: Man she is such a pre cougar
by Zturner68 October 12, 2011