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Though generaly female, not always the case.

Kindergoths are anyone, usually younger than 16, who listen to music which isn't gothic, when asked don't really know much about gothic subculture, and are pretty much unaware of the post modern gothic movement or the romantic gothic movement as a whole. Yet a kindergoth will *always* claim to be "gothic" or "goth".

This is really the biggest difference betwene what gothic elitists may see as a kindergoth, and what the rest of us non-übergoths see as a kindergoth. A kindergoth to most people is simply someone who calls themselves gothic, but doesn't know anything about the subculture, in particular nothing about the music.
Jen? She listens to slipknot. I dunno man, seems to me it should take more than dressing the part.
by zoey April 11, 2004
Bard of EverQuest, perhaps the most annoying yet impossible to hate.
Fansy the Famous Bard says "Go Go Good Team!"
by zoey August 31, 2003
A really good song by Dashborad Confessional.
"vindicated, i am selfish, i am wrong, i am right, i swear im right, swear i knew it all along, i am flawed, but i am cleanig up so well, i am seeing in me now the things you saw yourself."
by Zoey June 23, 2004
Any puffed grain snack which is flavored like cheese, such as Cheet-o's, but in particular various generic "Cheese Puffs" which are round and.. poofy.

(as a matter of fact, my sister used this term a lot before southpark was launched.)
Dude, after smoking that hash, I sure could use some cheesy poofs.
by zoey April 11, 2004
Sometimes pens are used to transport small quantities of drugs.

The ink cartridge is removed, sometimes the well (the part which the cartridge fits into the stylis) is taped over, and powdered substances are packed into the pen.

I have heard once "pen" being used in slang for drugs when a dealer packages this way.
Hey, Puggy, can you get me a pen?
by zoey April 11, 2004
nitrous oxide, a short acting disassociative anesthetic found in propellants for food products, such as whipits.

Commonly used in dental surgery, not unlike pharmocologically to pcp dxm or ketamine ect, though chemically and experintially unrelated.
hey, i've got some nitrous, do you have any ballons?
by zoey April 11, 2004
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