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A stealthy way to say knife hit or knifers
Let's take some kniffies!
by zip April 24, 2005
Someone who seems to wear the same outfit, to the same places, on a regular basis.
"Did you see Cheesman last night?? I think he wore that shirt again, to North Beach."

"No way - you can't be serious."

"Yep, Shirty McSame needs a trip to The Gap"
by Zip February 07, 2003
When one stands up in his/her own bed, urinates on every nearby surface, and proceeds to lay down in said urine for a good nights rest.
Haha ... omg I can't believe Cheesman got the Popen last night!
by Zip February 07, 2003
The state of being indecisive, not being able to make up your mind despite overwhelming supporting arguments.
When it takes all night to find out who was elected president, blame Ohioda.
by Zip November 03, 2004
The funnel shaped object used to inhale a Knife Hit (Knife hits, knifers). They are often made by breaking the bottom out of a glass bottle, cutting a plastic bottle in half, or tearing a soda can in half.
Grab the hooter, we're taking some kniffies!
by zip April 24, 2005
also known as knifers
see hooter
Dude my hooter broke :'(
by zip April 24, 2005
a ghetto-slang way to say hooter
Where's the hoot, brotha?
by zip April 24, 2005
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