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A game played by two people (generally both male) involving a tube of any brand mint tooth paste and several cans of coke (at least 12). The game is played by first holding a medium amount of toothpaste in your mouth at full strength for as long as you can stand the minty burn. After 20 seconds, you spit it into a cup and take a big swig of Coke. This produces a horrible taste in one's mouth and is the object of the game: Who can last longer with that horrible combination. The winner if the one who does NOT give up.
"Me and Chris played Coke and Toothpaste last night, and screwed up the carpet in his room pretty bad when he puked..."
by Zeto, the DUNE Fanatic March 16, 2005
Used by Fremen of Arrakis to describe the Coriolis Storms caused by the rotation of their desert world. Translates to "Wind of the Desert Demon". Apparently a sandstorm of power great enough to shear metal.
"Weichi was caught by the Hulasikaliwala, and only his bones are left!"
by Zeto, the DUNE Fanatic March 11, 2005
Shingulschpotztaken is an utterance used when one has carried a heavy bundle of shingles up a ladder only to find that there is still an unused bundle where he intended to put this new one.
Shingulschpotztaken is derived from the words "Shingle spot's taken!", spoken with a cheesey German accent for comedy effect.
"Ahhhh! SHINGULSCHPOTZTAKEN! Move zee bundle!!"
by Zeto, the DUNE fanatic December 23, 2005
Slang term for a marijuanna cigarette (joint).
"Duuuude, we just smoked the really green green bean your mom sold us!"
by Zeto, the DUNE Fanatic March 17, 2005
Internet slang derived from the term "Butt sex" and modified from pre-existing "buttsecks".
"Y helo thar! Bucksecks?!"
by Zeto, the DUNE fanatic December 23, 2005
Slang term for Marijuanna.
"I had a headache, but that green tylenol we smoked did the trick!"
by Zeto, the DUNE Fanatic March 17, 2005
Also Wierding Module.
Wierding Ways are arcane teachings that seem like witchcraft at first, but are merely secrets unknown to outsiders.
A Wierding Module is a weapon the user controls by sounds they make with their mouth. With precise voice control, a person can cause the weapon to resonate and shatter even hard stone. Purely fictional weapon from the original DUNE movie. Not featured in the book.
"Teach us your wierding way of battle, and you shall have my protection."

"Dr. Yueh, put the wierding module on him and set the range to two meters."
by Zeto, the DUNE Fanatic March 12, 2005

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