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The person saying this does not, in fact, have a date, and will spend the night watching television alone and then crying themselves to sleep.
Al: Gotta hurry home, man, I've got a hot date tonight!
Vince: Yes, of course you do.
by Zerotime February 16, 2009
May I Leave Flowers?
Cornelius: "What is this 'MILF' acronym I'm seeing bandied about in the personals these days?"

Lie Bot: "It stands for 'May I Leave Flowers?'. You use it in your ad to show that you practice old-school courtship style."
by Zerotime September 30, 2008
When the paper wrapping around a fatty item of food (traditionally, a fish-based item such as fish and chips or a fish sandwich) turns translucent due to having absorbed a large amount of grease.
"If you're not sure about something, rub it against a piece of paper. If the paper turns clear, it's your window to weight gain."
by Zerotime January 22, 2009
A game where two similarly named or themed Wikipedia articles are compared for length - one serious, and one more popular culture-oriented. Generally, the pop-culture article will win, due to its more rabid audience.
Wikigroaning: Where The Starship Entireprise is 60% more verbose than Shoes.
by Zerotime July 07, 2008
Like fan art, except that it will get you banned from the forums where you post it.
Aww, man. I got kicked from the forums because he didn't enjoy my ban art.
by Zerotime February 05, 2009
Short for "ten gallon" (referring to the style of hat); a person who is obsessive about American culture. Similar in meaning to "weeaboo".
Akira stared disdainfully at the halloween decorations, glad that he wasn't out trick-or-treating with his tengal friends.
by Zerotime October 28, 2008
A person on an extremely limited diet who is only able to consume dried bees and peanut butter. Often this stems from having Crohn's disease or a phobia of being attacked by ducks.
Raymond tells me that you are a... "veglegon" now? That means you only eat dried bees and peanut butter. Is that true, Patrick?
by Zerotime January 14, 2009

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