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A being dwelling in low-income urban areas that, when left unchecked, has a tendency to climb in windows and snatch people up. In the event of a bed intruder sighting, it is recommended that you hide your kids, hide your wives, and hide your husbands, as the bed intruder will proceed to rape everybody out there.
Did you hear about that bed intruder that popped up in Lincoln Park?
by ZeroKaiser December 26, 2010
A rare type of rainbow that may appear all the way across the sky after a period of rainfall. It can be described as very bright, vivid, and intense. However, many have fallen under the belief that a double rainbow is slowly transforming into a triple rainbow. This is impossible, and is an illusion created by either intense sunlight or a rainbow forming adjacent to the double rainbow.
Double rainbow, oh my god! It's starting to look like a triple rainbow!
by ZeroKaiser December 26, 2010
See pussy. Only pansies and sex-ed teachers use the word "vagina".
Jill: My vagina feels funny.
Joe: ....the fuck is a vagina?
by ZeroKaiser December 27, 2010
For fuck's sake, DON'T PRESS IT!!!
#1 It's gotta be one of these buttons here.
#2 What about this one? *presses button*
*both explode after the button is pressed*
by ZeroKaiser December 26, 2010
The most wonderful gift a man can ever earn/receive. If you searched this purposely, it's highly obvious that you're not getting any.
Dude, I doubt you've ever seen a pussy in your entire life.
by ZeroKaiser December 26, 2010

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