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Starred in movies such as "Der" and "Tum-Ta-Tittly Tum-Ta-Too", most recently starring in "Da Derp De Derp De Tittly Derp De Der De Dum"
Rob Schneider WAS an animal, then, he was a hot chick, now, he's a stapler!
by Zeebo the Barber November 02, 2006
The greatest bodybuilder of all time! Helped make bodybuilding the popular sport it is today by starring in the famous "Pumping Iron", and bringing bodybuilding into the mainstream.
Arnold Schwarzenegger kicks girly-men's asses!
by Zeebo the Barber November 02, 2006

Paris Hilton in a nutshell
by Zeebo the Barber November 09, 2006
A stupid, ugly, talentless, wanna-be punk rock singer. She finally got a nose-job to get rid of that ugly-ass harlequin-like nose she had on her face. She can't sing for shit, and blames it on "acid reflux". No, it's much simpler than that... LACK OF TALENT. She thinks she is hardcore by starting shit with employees at McDonald's, and think's she's wild because she makes stupid music videos in which she throws paper cups at people. Throw one at me Ashlee, I dare you.
Ashlee Simpson looks like a dog's crusty vagina. (Not that I know what that looks like, but Ashlee Simpson can't be that far off, if not worse)
by Zeebo the Barber November 02, 2006
A so-called rapper who used to rap about murder, but now only sings about love, and how he is tired of being lonely. Gay DMX wanna-be. His sidekick is that ugly banshee Ashanti.
Ja-Rule: baby baby baaaaaabaaaay! Im tired of being lonely! I need someone to hold meeeee.... so baby girl put it on me!!!! Im a homo!!!!
by Zeebo the Barber October 28, 2006
A rapper who only raps about his money. Looks like somebody took a shit, put it through a meat-grinder, dressed it up in a suit, hat, and jewelry to make it "iced out", and named it Jay-Z. As a matter of fact, this is how Jay-Z came into existence. Also known as Gay-Z. Calls himself "Tha Jigga". I prefer to call him "Jigger the gay Nigger"
A sample of Jay-Z rapping:

Jay-Z: Rockafella! Swiss beats! Nigga what! Ya heard? Jigga! Jiggaman! UH! What! Jiggaman! Money! I gotz money! Iced out! Jigga! Iced out!
by Zeebo the Barber October 28, 2006
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