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One of the Arts od Boabom.

In this course, the student learns movements using various implements, such as short staffs, long ones, etc.

Through this Art the student (who has already advanced somewhat in Osseous Boabom) studies the perfection of movement, solidity, and security in both technique and themselves, developing a new set of skills while using these implements as an extension of their own body.

Successively, these elements change, both in shape and in length.
I thought Yaanbao was similar to other things I had done in the past, but it definitely goes beyond everything!!!
by zee March 20, 2005
Great Art taught at the Mmulargan School.

It teaches how to work with implements, like sticks of various sizes and shapes.
I took some Yaanbao classes, and even though the movements seemed easy and simple, they were not.
by sam March 21, 2005
A more advanced teaching within the Arts of Boabom
In order to take Yaanbao, you have to learn basic Boabom.
by zee March 21, 2005