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A popular pair of leather pants that motorcyclists wear. As the name says, they are assless, making it easier to advertise at biker bars.
Shaggy wears assless chaps when he plays Halo!
by Zapix March 26, 2004
One of the most banned internet users on the planet, because of nazi moderators who couldn't took him seriously. He currently owns his own island known as Cult of The Jedi.com
Also one of the coolest people on the internet!
Jedimaster just broke the intr@web!
by Zapix March 26, 2004
Name created in 1992 by a resident of Connecticut (USA). Comes from the words 'Zap' and 'It' while creating an alias name for the popular indoor laser tag game, Q-Zar. It has been used by the creator for as his internet name since. Zapix™ (Zapix Trademark) has been used for various groups he has run
Zapix is the one and original hamo!
by Zapix March 26, 2004
A popular cookie given to new members of the popular forum, Cult of The Jedi. They are often served with Moo Juice.
Come get your free gorilla cookies and moo juice you asshats!
by Zapix March 26, 2004
Special juice extracted from large managers of Waldenbooks.
I got some moo juice for your gorilla cookies!
by Zapix March 26, 2004
'Hamo' currently cannot be defined. It can either be an insult or compliment. Originally created by an AOL user 'Halo123S' trying to insult another user. Also created the insult 'Gap'
It later became a popular term on ClubWRX.net
You hamo!
by Zapix March 26, 2004

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