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2 definitions by Zaphlex

Zaphlex (Zaf-Lex)- A color that is made up of all the colors in the universe. When it is obtained in it's physical form it is one of the most hard and most powerful substances on earth. It is occasionally found in double rainbows and is the only known cure to Justin Beiber syndrome.
Dude, we have to find Zaphlex so we can cure Johnny of his Justin Beiber syndrome.
by Zaphlex November 19, 2010
Justin Beiber Syndrome- A disease in which the holder is affected by all of the symptoms that Justin Beiber has (high pitched voice, being bad at singing, etc.). The only known way to get rid of Justin Beiber Syndrome is to find Zaphlex in its physical form. The only way to obtain Zaphlex is to climb to Yosemite mountain and meet bear to witness the mythical and rare double rainbow.
Oh no! Chuck caught Justin Beiber Syndrome!
by Zaphlex November 19, 2010