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A combination of kill yourself and your face generally used to threaten.
Person #1: ...it could be very erotic if you tried it.
Person #2: Don't even go there.
Person #1: But it-
Person #2: I'll kill your face!
by Zamfir June 19, 2004
A female's posterior. Also a pirate's treasure. The modern form of the word "Booty" formed when black people found it difficult to get some.
TJ:Dang, I want to slap that booty
JZ:Me too
by Zamfir April 15, 2004
(or tweek) To slightly adjust one's computer in order to increase it's speed. Often associated with overclocking.
I've loved to tweak the shit out of everything ever since I started messing around with computers.
by Zamfir June 18, 2004
To lie or mislead purposefully with the intent to decieve and glorify ones self to achieve financial gain.
The evil dictator sought to dux with the foreign ministry of the United states.

Jim jones pulled a dux on his followers.
by Zamfir August 11, 2003

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