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4 definitions by Zakorsumtin

Smoofing is a sport where you stand in front of a crowd, look awesome, and receive points.
If you get over 9000 points after 3 rounds, you win.
Every three rounds is called a set, and anyone under 9000 will be eliminated after the set. If no one is under 9000, then the lowest score gets eliminated. If everyone is under 9000, everyone loses and a new game is started.
Scoring is based on 3 things: Appearance, Swagger, and Overall Awesomeness. The crowd scores each category on a scale of 1-1100 and its added up to make the final score.
A perfect score is 9900.

Smoofing is a hard game, a lot of non-professional smoofers change the rules so the required score is 8000 or even 7000, rather than the official 9000.
My recent smoofing scores:
Appearance: 1032, 1098, 1025,

Swagger: 987, 1002, 996,
Overall Awesomeness: 1056, 1073, 1026,
Final score: 9295
I win.

Your recent smoofing scores:
Appearance: 875, 885, 901
Swagger: 920, 916, 923
Overall Awesomeness: 956, 942, 948
Final score: 8266
Score below 9000, you lose.
by Zakorsumtin March 30, 2011
A transformation from a man into a beast.
Blake turning into Zach was a total beastation.
by Zakorsumtin March 30, 2011
The perfect word, it can be a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, anything.
Noun: That guys a beast.
Verb: I beasted your girlfriend last night.
Adjective: Dude thats a beast car.
Adverb: He plays ball beastily
by zakorsumtin March 30, 2011
1. n. The second letter of the English alphabet.
2. n. Short for 'Brother'.
3. n. What one calls someone he/she does not know.
4. n. A roll of Marijuana.
5. v. Agree.
6. n. Beer.
7. n. A flash movie created by StrawberryClock. It was the internet phenomenon in late 2001, but died out at the start of 2002.
1. a B c d.....
2. Sup B whatcha doin'?
3. Hello... B?
4. Yo gimme dat B ova there.
5. me: That was cool
n00b: B
me: WTF?
6. gimme a B- hic!
7. Strawberryclock: My fellow clocks! We run Newgrounds
clocks: All praise B!!!
by Zakorsumtin February 27, 2008