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One who interrupts a fight and delivers the final blow on a target that someone else has been wearing down, taking all the credit. Primarily used in multiplayer videogames, especially the Super Smash Bros. series from which it was born.
"Hey, he was mine, you killstealer!"
by Zaenos August 02, 2006
A case of extreme persistance and/or stubbornness in trying to force something that just won't fit, esp. physically but also metaphorically. Often caused by a desire for efficiancy that ends up counterproductively wasting time and ending with a precarious outcome or damage if left unchecked.
There was simply no room left in the cabinet, but Joel and his Square Peg Syndrome kept trying to stuff that Pop-Tarts box in there.
by Zaenos July 20, 2006
1. A flawed method of reasoning which states that if one thing can beat another, and that second thing can beat another thing, then the first thing can beat the third. In reality there are far too many factors involved for that to be consistantly true. It is ironicly named after the popular game of rock-paper-scissors which is a clear example of how it is faulty.
"Well, Link is powerful enough to defeat Ganon and Ganon was powerful enough to conquer Hyrule, so Link could conquer Hyrule too!" "No way. Stop using rock-paper-scissors logic."
by Zaenos June 23, 2006
In online video games, to glitchingly disappear and then reappear somewhere else as a result of lag.
"I can't hit him! he keeps lagporting!"
by Zaenos August 10, 2006
A phrase stating that even though the subject is gone the intent of it will still succeed. Originally derived from a not-uncommon event in video games in which a player is killed after setting a time bomb, but the bomb continues to destroy the target anyway. It can, however, be applyied to anything metaphorically similar, involving exposives or not.
Player A: "Hah! Gottcha! Nice try."
Player B "Ah, I may be gone, but the bomb lives on!"
Player A: "What bomb?"
*Player A's generator explodes*
Player A: "SHIT!"
by Zaenos July 22, 2006
A conga line consisting of several naked males, where the kicking motion is substituted with a penile thrust into the rectum of the person in front of him. Females can join in too, but require a strap-on dildo.
Conga line butt sex! Cha, cha, cha, cha, cha! *THRUST!*
by Zaenos January 04, 2007

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