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134 definitions by Zach

The best town of all time! yay!
Northampton rocks because we have Faces and Thornes and Moshi moshi, and me.
by Zach April 14, 2005
Marijuana, Pot, Weed, Refeer
Yo man, we needa be smokin that piz!
by zach January 05, 2005
A person who is scattered and uncollected
A person who is drunken and disorderly
Damn, that guy is a yard sale
by Zach March 25, 2005
Another name for marijuana.
Oh man, that's some CRAZY GOOD bhudda dawg!
by Zach July 12, 2003
Greyhawk is a very retarded name that is unoriginal and was stolen from some old war movie. It is also a Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting. When this name is used by a player in a FPS this tells you that one, they have no skill, and two, they are the offspring of two nubs, yes a nublet.
"Greyhawk is a nublet.."
"HEY! You forgot he sucks at Magic!"
"Remember when he used to have Counter-Strike skills?"
"Yeah but then he started going out with Asha :("
by Zach November 29, 2004
When a male shoots his load in a female's eye. And immediately following the ejaculation, the male kicks her in the shin. She then hops around, holding her eye as if she was a pirate. Bonus points are given to those males who get their females who say "YARRRR".
Dude, I just gave babygurl the mad pirate. I didn't get the bonus, but I'll try again next time.
by Zach October 05, 2006
the highest level of 1337-ness, an even bigger compliment than 31337
omg, he pwnz, d00d he's 301337
by zach February 20, 2005