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Concerning Paintball: Verb meaning to Aggresivley eliminate your oppnonents.
Damn son, you just got Mowed.
I Mow Fools.
by Zac July 16, 2004
a robot sent back in time hopefully to kill all poofters, this bad ass robot dont take no shit from nobody
geese, i wish i was the terminator

kailan wishes to one day have bumsex with the terminators metal ass
by zac September 21, 2003
Strut Tower Brace - a car part used to improve the handling of a car. sometimes you will see FSTB or RSTB meaning Front or Rear strut tower brace.
My piece of crap honda civic has a front strut tower brace on it.
by Zac June 26, 2003
that act of smacking something with the palm of the hand
I slapped her ass because it was nice looking.
by Zac February 10, 2003
Big Black Jewish Cock.
I love my boyfriends BBJC.
by Zac March 15, 2005
Some one who definitely doesn't take her music seriously and would rather resort to being a whore to the major music industry much like the Backstreet Boys or Nsync.
The world most surely needs more Avrils to spark wannabe punks into buying worthless shit in a prepackaged, frilly, disk of truly heartfelt singles written by people possibly with no distinct dynamical appoarch to music.
by zac March 13, 2005
bonesaw, you just got bonesawed
(see bonesawed)
by Zac January 03, 2005

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