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He is megatron's evil son that loves pink dragons.
Megotron: what are you doin you little bratt!

Westriecher: I'm messing with the asians they think they see a pink dragon flying and fliping them off but there just seeing the evil son of satin
by ZRocKeR May 27, 2009
This stand for : Fuck My Life Upside Down , this txt term can be used when u are mad or depressed about your life
Example 1 : they just drafted me to the marines and I'm going on the front lines in a week ! FMLUD!!

Example 2 : I was just sentenced for three days in a state Penitentiary, No Big Bubba !!!! FMLUD
by Zrocker July 16, 2010
When at rare times you fart, sneeze, and cough.
Person1: ugh!

Person2: what was that?

Person1: idk I fart sneezed and cough at the same time

Person2: ow, that was a fareugh

Person1: what ever it was, it hurt
by ZRocKeR May 27, 2009

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