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The most bad ass thing ever.
Man, that car is the badassest thing i have ever seen!
by Z-diddy April 25, 2005
When something thats is not considered cool in any other society except for the Hispanic American culture.
Buying rims that are too small and has the wrong offset for a car and putting them on anyway: That's Mexicool.

An entire paint scheme on a car that depicts Mexico's Flag: Thats Mexicool.

Hitting on women in a foreign tounge: You had better believe thats Mexicool.
by Z-diddy June 19, 2006
A person who drives a turbo charged car, which, as we all know, are the fastest cars around.
Jeff is the badassest turbonaut I know.
(See also: badassest)
by Z-diddy April 26, 2005
Rediculously Retarded.
Holy crap man, did you see that car? That thing was redicutarded.
by Z-diddy June 20, 2006

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