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A muffler, usually bought on Ebay, is welded to a stock exhuast system. It is usually bought and installed on Civics, Cavaliers, Neons and others that do not have heavy aftermarket supports. Because it is installed on a stock exhaust system, it usually sounds like shit. Kids who live with their moms that work at McDonalds purchase these coffee cans.
Yuki: Hey that kid has a nice car but why does it sound like shit?
Ray: Cuz that guy's gotta coffee can off Ebay.
by Yukester November 19, 2007
It is derived from a TV show on TLC. A couple that lives with 8 kids with chaos happening everyday.
The term is also interchangeable with a big 'Mexican family'.
Look at that 'Jon & Kate plus 8'!
by Yukester November 19, 2007
Kick ass ice cream of all time. Made with real ingredients but expensive as hell.
Lets go get some Haagen Dazs at the Glendale Galleria.
by Yukester November 19, 2007
An in-line skating trick performed on a set of stairs. The skater will travel the length of stairs backwards with one roller blade in front of the other keeping ones balance.
I stair rised the Hoover H.S. auditorium stairs with perfection.
by Yukester November 19, 2007
It is a hybrid of holy shit and Shiite Muslims put together.
Holy shiite muslims those tits are huge!
by Yukester November 19, 2007
Stupid kids that cry for every little thing. And when you call them a baby, they cry some more.
Shut up cry baby pee pee bed wetter!
by Yukester November 19, 2007

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