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The act of seeing two movies for the price of one at a public movie theater. You watch the first movie, take special notice of when the next movie will start, hang out in the restroom until the appropriate start time, and then mosey on over to the correct theater. It causes undue stress for only saving 10 bucks, but it can make an afternoon fly by.
So I was checking out a double feature the other day, but I was so nervous I hid out in the women's restroom! So much for not calling attention to myself
by Youthful Wisdom February 22, 2007
1. A term used to describe a person of the opposite sex who you are seeing - but not really into - but are using to keep your game sharp and on par. Batting practice usually takes place after a breakup from a long relationship.

2. The actual date you go on with the above mentioned person.
Person #1: "So you really like this girl?"

Person #2: "Not really, she's just batting practice."

Person #1: "You taking that girl out to a fancy restaurent?"

Person #2: "Nope, tonight is just batting practice. In-N-Out will do."
by Youthful Wisdom June 27, 2005
A misrepresentation of the term The ball is in your court, as said by our fine Japanese colleagues. Its just funny to think of an actual ball being in your coat.
Employee # 1: Have you been working on the Johnson file?

Employee # 2: No, I'm waiting for information from their end. The ball is in their coat.
by Youthful Wisdom August 05, 2005
Similar to "romantic", but an incredibly fake version. Someone who is fauxmantic goes through all the motions of romance but isn't serious about any of them.
Girl 1: I just went on the most fauxmantic date last night!

Girl 2: Yeah?

Girl 1: Yeah! Dinner and a movie was just some Jack in the Box and sneaking into a drive through...
by Youthful Wisdom December 05, 2005
A term used to describe an individual who is ridiculously over-zealous in any of his or her pursuits, often in a comedic and destructive way. These individuals are easy to point out in a crowd and are noticeably more agitated, sweaty, and loud than a normal person. The term evolved from high school football where 3rd string “bag team” players would injure starting running backs by being overly aggressive during Friday half speed practices.
Friend #1: How'd John do with that girl?

Friend #2: Not so good. He scared her away with his Bag Team All-American technique

Person #1: Torn ACL?

Person #2: Yep. Playing football in the park with Bag Team All-American Nate.
by Youthful Wisdom August 17, 2005
A strange conglomeration of two terms, aerodynamic and ergonomic, born out of a focus group in Orange County, California by respondent Doug in seat 1. The funny thing is, I don't think he knows its really not a word.
Salesman: "This boat is aeronomically is designed for speed AND handling. Seriously!"

Buyer: "Aeronomically designed, eh? I'll let you know"
by Youthful Wisdom January 27, 2006
When the vallet parks your car right in front of the establishment you are patroning; a sign of respect for your ride.
When Kim and Megan went to Howl at the Moon in my 350Z, the vallet posted it right next to some Mercs and BMW's; they could see it all night from the patio.
by Youthful Wisdom February 10, 2006

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