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After you cornhole a girl, you leave a brown stripe between her tits.
The bitch didn't bake me a pie, so I gave her a necktie.
by yourmom February 05, 2004
Phatteryup can be used for any situation. Up for interpretation.

Origin:Liverpool NY
Yo those kicks are phatteryup!
Thats phatteryup!
by yourmom March 01, 2005
rockette: a female rocker. supposivly in a rock band. maybe lead.

rockette: female rocker. supposivly 'punk', 'goth' or other sub-culture relating to the rock scene. may be into online blogging. where she is popular and friended with other 'rockettes' and 'rockers'
a: "dude. look at that girl on the stage playing the bass!"

b: "YEAH! she's one ROCKETTE.."
by yourmom March 13, 2005
A name given by gay ass skateboarders who are embaraased when rollerbladers grind 15 kink handrails.
DAMN that rollerbladers good.
by YourMom December 20, 2004
F.A.G.Fucking awesome game. Best level: Assault_lith.
*Dead*P@cifist-fucking campers
*Dead*Other Player-Your mom's a camper
*Dead*P@cifist-kill yourself
by Yourmom March 09, 2005
a word that people name anthony use to make themselves feel like they know a special word, when in actuality isn't anything more than a bunch of letters thrown together and said outloud.
there are none because it's not a word.
by yourmom January 20, 2005
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