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The splash of water that hits your ass or nuts when you take a big shit and the water splashes back up
After that big poo the splasher made my whole ass wet
by Yourleftnut March 28, 2003
The sound it makes when a penis slaps against face.
Will was totaly being gay so he got spaf'd
by Yourleftnut March 21, 2003
ya dunnditty
Dude i fucked up,
ya dunnditty
by YourLeftNut May 06, 2003
a chode but with the face of William Webb who lives in maryland 21043 zip zone
Wode stop being gay
by Yourleftnut March 20, 2003
People who live in howard county and think they are so hardcore that they can leave out the D in it and say harcore.

also known as the "hill".

They got beaten up by punks. Damn c0l0r'ds
by Yourleftnut March 21, 2003
They also only fight in packs just like they did in africa when they were hunting.
forgot the example....
Damn look at those darkies from hilltop.
by Yourleftnut March 21, 2003

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