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an overwhelming feeling of sorrow, hopelessness, or despair. Almost always accompanied by placing the back of the hand to the forehead and falling into a semi-swoon. More effective when done by a female, though there have been known male occurences.
Scarlett O'Hara: All of Georgia just burned down...wode!

Tom: I really suck at guitar hero. Wode!
by Deanna, original creator July 10, 2008
Simple bitches who have an unnatural obsession with their horse and would most likely engage in sexual relations with said horse if slightly inebriated or otherwise uninhibited.
Hey Cam, that Allison is such a wode.
by sobeezy May 02, 2011
the acronym for word of the day envy
W O D E is getting me down, that was a bad ass word that I listed on Urban Dictionary
by mytubeyoulube July 13, 2011
a male humaniod creature that lives in the western section of washington. these creatures are extreamly gay and play world of warcraft.
Oh my god its a wode!

Hey code your a wode.

oh my god cody, im going to kick you in the stones you fucking wode, for making me look up salad tossing.
by Eric senn June 13, 2008
a chode but with the face of William Webb who lives in maryland 21043 zip zone
Wode stop being gay
by Yourleftnut March 20, 2003
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