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short for: What Was I Looking For?

Pronounced: wilf

People get bored and search random things on the internet for hours on end.
dude1: dude, what are you doing man?
Dude2: dude, i'm such a wwilf... i've been on Google 2 days now...
by YourCurrentObsession April 10, 2007
Pronounced: "Gah-nee"
English slang word meaning, "Are you good?" or "You cool?"
Person1: hey.
Person2: hi. ganey?
person1: yeah man. couldn't be better!
by YourCurrentObsession February 22, 2007
to hang around with your friends.
person1: so where do you plot?
person2: mostly down camden lock.
person1: ah I love it there!
by YourCurrentObsession February 22, 2007
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