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Be fucked anally and up teh vagina at the same time
Josh fucked hot Stephanie up the ass while Erik fucked her up the vagina.
by YOUR NAME August 20, 2004
a term for the mating habbits of amazonian warrior women.
"Me like snoosnoo"
by your name February 08, 2004
when someone is being irrational.
You caca face! or Why you gotta be a caca face!
by Your Name October 06, 2004
Only keeps its viewers because of Jackass. Only good show is Jackass. Disappointing channel that has such a cool show called Jackass.
Dammit Jackass shouldnt have to suffer being on a shitty channel such as MTV, it should be on Comedy Central or something.....but oh wait, the two channels DID have a bidding war for the show, and dammit MTV won.......because it was desperate for viewers, so then here came the greatest show.....JACKASS!!! Moral of story??? I don't want my MTV, but I want my Jackass! And the MTV bastards cancelled 3-South, ANOTHER good show. MTV sucks ass.
by Your name May 25, 2003
A cool guy who is sadly dead.
"What kind of world is it God when the famous actor John Ritter dies of a mysterious heart problem that only YOU could know about when an Iraqi murderer survives living in caves?"-- from the Daily Show.
by your name October 13, 2003
A KICK ASS rock four-some from the UK. VOCALS/GUITAR: Pete Doherty(sometimes) VOCALS/GUITAR: Carl Barat
DRUMMER: Some kick ass black dude BASSIST: Some guy with sharp cheekbone structure.
The Libertines kick ass yo!
by your name October 09, 2004
A careless person in appereance.
Sloven is an unusual word.
by your name July 12, 2004
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