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at joppatowne high, 50% of the students are black, 30% are white kids or asians trying to be black, 15% are freaks/"gothic", and 5% are either sluts, or ignored. if you don't listen to rap, you "aren't cool". if you don't play a sport, you "aren't cool". there is a fight near the cafeteria at least once a week. you can't go a day without hearing someone is talking about you. the creepy kids stay after school and play hackey sack until 4 or 5. you might as well smoke weed, because if you don't, once again you "aren't cool". all you hear all day every day is who is doing who and "i smoked this fat blunt last night".
"yo b, what you do lass night?"

"smoked this fat blunt, nigga"

"werd. me too fo sho."
by youknow May 06, 2005
When a person uses boringness and extreme lack of personality to cover up their actual bitch self. Usually this person is pale, wears washed out colors, or copies the exact style of the person she is currently obsessed with.
Mauraphil? More like bore-a-phil!
by youknow September 23, 2004
Stands for "Well that's debatable" and is used when disagreeing with someone, in a friendly manner.

Can also represent the uncertainty of a comment that was made. Pointing out that the comment is clearly opinion and can be argued or debated.
Nathan: "Dinner was pretty good for a change."
Zach: "WTD."
by Youknow April 18, 2012
Verb, the act of being shady.
1)Not putting out,
2)keeping things to yourself
She was bein really shady tonight
by YouKNOW April 09, 2005

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