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1.) someone who takes his penis out during oral sex and hits his girl in the face with it.
2.) someone who gave a severe, one sided beating
Personification of Mollywhop
1.) "this boy's a fool, girl didnt know he was a mollywhopper and she got a face full."
2.) "it was an even fight till this mollywhopper came through and cleaned up on 'em."
#mollywopper #mollywop mollywhop #molly whop #molly wop #dick whip #dick slap #beatdown #beat up
by Yola September 20, 2007
A horribly rolled blut.A blut that looks like a monster.
Damn he rolled a frankinblunt.
#weed #blunt #gar #ganga #herb
by yola September 13, 2007
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