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Fucking while texting. Get it? Good! Now try it. You'll like it. Just don't put it in the wrong hole. If there is such a thing.
My girlfriend and I were fexting last night. I'm not sure who she was fexting tho... it wasn't me... is that a problem?
by Yagotta B. Kiddin February 13, 2013
phenome for 'f'd in the a' or, in expanded form: 'fucked in the ass'. Fudinthia rhymes with Cynthia, thus making it a word for poets.
Dude, you just got fudinthia hard! I bet your poop just walks out the back door now!
by Yagotta B. Kiddin February 13, 2013
A pussy so strong, it can lift more than 3 pounds (21% of a stone for you British tadgers). A kegel so strong, she cracks her back while doing it, with you inside. You find her, you marry her! RIGHT NOW!

Inspired by this thread: ( web : textsfromlastnight /Text-Replies-47126.html). I place that site on the tiny, tiny pile that we aren't doomed as a species. This is not an ad! I just want to give props where props are due! Just funny!
I have found the mythical kegelkunt. She milked my shaft with her snatch like a a woman that can suck start a Harley, but with her pussy. It was like getting a great blowjob and fucked stupid, at the same time! This is the stuff of legend boys! The mythical keglekunt exists! AND SHE'S ALL MINE! ;^)
by Yagotta B. Kiddin February 15, 2013
A powerfully sloppy queaf experienced when pulling out of a dripping wet vagina in the midst of climax, during involuntary pelvic floor contractions experienced when a woman really orgasms.
You gotta be kidding me! I pulled out of my girl last night when she was cuming, she kegelkueafed Gangam Style for 10 minutes! It was epic!
by Yagotta B. Kiddin February 15, 2013
A concept blend of vagina artist. One whose canvas is the vagina. Proper usage may include the medium of art. (e.g. tattoo vagartist: a tattooist who specializes in vagina tattoos may be considered a vagartist if they are very good at tattooing vaginas.) It is not limited to tattooists of course, one could be a sketch vagartist if you focused on sketching vaginas as your medium, and were very, very good at it.
Brittney: I'm going to see my vagartist latter to get vagazzled before my date!
Megan: That's just so awesome! I'm so sure Shane will just love it!
by Yagotta B. Kiddin November 28, 2013
Often accompanied by a hangover. A bangover is the usually not so cool feeling one is gifted the 'morning after' a night of beer goggles and ah, bumping uglies because you could. Not necessarily a good idea, but it seemed like genius at the time.

Accentuating Factors (things that make a bangover worse): He/She was coyote ugly. He/She was your cousin. His/Her nickname is 'cum bucket'. None of that is any good!

Attenuating Factors (things that make a bangover not so bad): He/She was hot. He/She made you cum so hard that if it didn't stop, you would squeeze out a kidney next time. He/She taught you something new or made you laff so hard you were worried about crapping yourself or sharting. All of that is awesome!

In contrast to a hangover, which has absolutely no potential of being anything but annoying, a bangover at least has the potential to generate some shits and giggles down the road.
While texting (or fexting):

You: Ahhhh! Nothing like a brisk summer thunderstorm to wash away a bangover!
Them: Bangover? Wondering what else you got into last night...
You: Oh shit! *epic* typo!
You: Sadly enough, all I have is a hangover. Tip: You will always lose a shot contest with yourself.
by Yagotta B. Kiddin June 21, 2014
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