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A pussy so strong, it can lift more than 3 pounds (21% of a stone for you British tadgers). A kegel so strong, she cracks her back while doing it, with you inside. You find her, you marry her! RIGHT NOW!

Inspired by this thread: ( web : textsfromlastnight /Text-Replies-47126.html). I place that site on the tiny, tiny pile that we aren't doomed as a species. This is not an ad! I just want to give props where props are due! Just funny!
I have found the mythical kegelkunt. She milked my shaft with her snatch like a a woman that can suck start a Harley, but with her pussy. It was like getting a great blowjob and fucked stupid, at the same time! This is the stuff of legend boys! The mythical keglekunt exists! AND SHE'S ALL MINE! ;^)
by Yagotta B. Kiddin February 15, 2013
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